History of Grodno Trade College


The history of Grodno Trade college starts on the 6th of March 1959. It is then that Grodno co-operative trade school was founded. There were two departments: a day department and a correspondence department. On the 1st of September 1959 student body consisted of 210 full-time students and 220 correspondence students. At the beginning, Grodno co-operative trade school was situated in a two-storied building in Oleg Koshevoy Street. The building was not specially for academic studies, so lessons were held in 10 small classrooms in the morning and in the evening.


The new building of Grodno co-operative trade school was constructed in 1961. There were 23 rooms, 15 of which were classrooms. Besides, there were constructed a gymnasium, a residential hall (a five-storied building where were 104 rooms 18 square metres each, a library with a reading room and a canteen).
On the 25th of March 1966, a vocational school was opened on the basis of Grodno co-operative trade school.
In 1991 our educational institution was transformed into Production-and-training Centre “Vocational and Trade School” of Belcoopsoyuz (Decree of the Administrative Board of Belcoopsoyuz №67 of the 31st of May 1991).
On the 24th of August 2000, Grodno Trade College Belcoopsoyuz was established by Decree of the Administrative Board of Belcoopsoyuz (record of meeting №12, clause 5).
The Town Council of Grodno registered Educational Institution “Grodno Trade College” of Belcoopsoyuz (Decision №709 of 20.09.2000).