To Applicants


There a huge number of professions in the world. They cover different fields of human activity and are constantly changing with development of our society. Choosing the right profession is very important. It leads to personal satisfaction, creates a basis for self-affirmation in the society. It is one of the main decisions in our life. Choosing a profession is a very complicated process. To make the right choice you should do serious internal work:

  • analyze your resources (interests, abilities, personality characteristics);
  • learn and accept aptitude requirements for the profession you choose;
  • analyze potential correspondence between your personality characteristics and professional requirements;
  • study labour-market conditions, actual and predictable demand for the profession you choose.

You can find the information about admission to Educational Institution “Grodno Trade College” of Belcoopsoyuz at our website.
We shall be very glad, if you make your choice in favour of our college. We hope you will become our students.
The future of Republic of Belarus is well-educated society. Developing market economy, our country needs highly skilled specialists with critical and creative thinking able to accept challenges and solve the problems our country is facing now.
The main aim of our college is to train highly skilled and competitive specialists who will work in different sectors of Belarusian economy.

We wish you success, happiness and persistence!!!